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– Because you know the world has no point…Really

Jumping off the social media show…

Curious header, I know. I mean… what am I doing right now??? But think about it for a second. Everything is connected these days. The TV is now infused with … Continue reading

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#Hashtagging along…. 5 tips for stopping social media addicts from ruining your mood

In these Instagram-Twitter-Facebook-GooglePlus – and all the other not so wellknown social media hotspots, hashtagging has become the new global child. With hashtags you can make your own statement, and … Continue reading

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5 tips to stand out in the social media crowd. Content is NOT king. Scarcity is!

Come on, guys! What difference does it make if I have a Twitter app, a Facebook app, an Instagram app or Google Plus app? If all I get is the … Continue reading

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Money & power

Money. Power. These two concepts is so interwoven that you can’t mention the first without also mentioning the last. Because if you have money, you have power. Period. There is … Continue reading

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Run, Forest, RUUUN!

Remember Jenny in the movie Forest Gump shouting for him to use those legs? He did it. Running so fast that he grew a beard and stuff. Running has always held a … Continue reading

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Sex is evil! Brutal violence? Bring it on!

Sometimes one has to wonder how the human race can go on. Look closely on the snippet from this Danish media news site. The main story is about a gallary … Continue reading

23. August 2012 · 3 Comments

Egoism killed the pop band…

This evening I had an interesting conversation with my BF. For some reason we talked about idols, pop bands and the 1990’s versus the 2000’s – and the difference between … Continue reading

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The future is here Now.

That’s what Google proclaims though. Their new, nifty we’ll-handle-everything-in-your-digital-life-for-you application “Google Now” is already getting some pretty decent reviews. Its clear that Google have given this app some serious thought, … Continue reading

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Suck my…. blood. 5 reasons to why vampires became mainstream

A couple of years ago I was hostess at a book café for a bunch of teenagers. The topic was the biggest, meanest vampire/paranormal blast that the reader’s world had … Continue reading

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