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I went to buy a new tv…

..and the seller asked me which tv I would like to buy?

I gave him the outright answer: ‘Yeah, I would like to check out the new Panasonic TX-P65VT20E. If the Panasonic TX-P50VT20E is in stock I’d like to have a look on that too, please….’

Naturally the sales clerk stared a bit confused at me. Why? Well, what would you do if you were in his shoes? Unless you visited the press show in Munich where Panasonic flashed their new 50 and 65 inches 3D plasma screens for the consumer markets you would probably be a bit… confused. (And just for the record: You still have to wear those stupid glasses…yeah. Sucks.)

I mean… Why are the engineers so lousy to name their products? A line of numbers and letters so clearly leave the audience look like a question mark in 3D. ‘The new and IMPROVED 40  inches TSCTYJJLSDAAHSL32i4u234y234 will make your days less boring and your weight only slightly higher…’

Did you – like me – stop listening after ‘improved’?

No one stops you from naming your tv ‘Peter’ instead of ‘blablabla231248ABC’ but come on… The guys at Apple figured out several years ago that using the word ‘I’ while speaking of your telephone or mp3 player did something to people. Made you feel a connection with your device. And that is a part of the answer to their huge succes.

Well, the userfriendly out-of-the-box approach MIGHT also have helped them with that too…

Of course – we can’t all name our products ‘I’-somthing. The market would be a bit confusing with 20 different brands of ‘iBlenders’ or ‘iVacuumcleaners’. Firstly because there’s only ONE letter called ‘I’ – so picking a name will require a bit more creativity and two: Finding a unique name for your product is costly. Like the perfume manufactors, you have to make sure the name is not used by others. And finally: Producing between 10 and 50 tv models a year WILL make it a costly affair to find names if you want to stand out and not call it ‘AngelEyes1’ ‘AngelEyes2′ and so on….. Naming it after some of its key features will in a very short time make you look stupid, ’cause hey… you’re not the only one having invented the LED-tv or FullHD tv, right?!

GN Netcom has made an effort of calling their products names instead of just letters+numbers. Jabra HALO is an example of a neat stereo headset, great for music AND calls and you probably know – or at least heard of – the über designed Logitech diNovo keyboard – even if you do not own such a device.

…Dear Panasonic and other tv manufactors: Please wake up. Smell the coffee!

One comment on “I went to buy a new tv…

  1. Christiane
    7. October 2010

    Seems like we agree very much 🙂 Check out this other blogpost on the subject.

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