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Google Buzz, FB, MSN community and blah blah blah

Recently a lot has been going on at Google Labs – first they came up with Google Wave – oh, hi! – and then they launched BUZZ. To take up the fight with Facebook, Twitter and everything else that has the “Buzz”… Honestly, if you really DID update every profile several times a day, you wouldn’t have time to do anything else!

Thats why the world just lifted its eyebrows when Google came up with a twitterfacebookmyspacegpssomething-application. You are tempted to say – for the cause of what?

Because we love the social media. It let’s us live on the edge – or on the edge of others’ life if need be. Following your colleagues on yammer, your friends on Facebook and broadcasting yourself on twitter or MSN communities does has its perks. But most time its just… Buzz. But like most of the other Google apps I bet that it’ll be the new ‘place’ to be – because Google Buzz is a social GPS – you will know WHAT your friends do – WHO they did it with – and WHERE they did it thanks to Google’s own map app’s.

Basically in my POV – its just another way of saying ‘Watch out! Big Brother really IS watching you!!!

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