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Between two worlds: Twinity

twinity singapore

There’s a new world on the map. Or rather on the internet: Twinity.

Log on and visit different places on the earth, starting with Singapore, Berlin and London. So far we are still looking for the crowds to go wild…

 According to the developers, Twinity is your new online world that mirrors the real world. You can go buy your own apartment, party with your friends or style yourself as the blonde hottie you’ve always wanted to be. You think this sounds like something you’ve heard before when they launched Second Life? Absolutely. The only difference I’ve seen so far is the rather intuitive interface with the navigation taken from computer games: It uses the WASD keys for moving while you’re running up and down empty streets feeling like a dumb blonde caught in Blade Runner. Why? Because no one’s here… Really.

One could be tempted to say that Twinity is a major rip-off from Second Life, trying to sport some of its key features: Edit your looks, buy cool clothes and interact with other people. Only one thing is missing: There’s just NOT a lot of ‘people’ to hang out with. Like Second Life the conversation gets a bit strained when the typical phrases ‘Where are you from?’, ‘What’s your name?’ (why do you think I picked a nickname, Stupid?!), and ‘You look hot – what’s your email, sweet?’ have been exhausted.

I shall not reject the useful purpose of the Twinity world – but its usefulness is – in my opinion – very limited. Maybe if…:

1. You and your girl or boyfriend lives in two different countries – and you need a place to hang out. Then you are absolutely sure to like the very bad response rates to the Twinity servers: It takes several minutes just to log on. I simply gave up… Reasonable couples will use the MSN and Skype options but those apps don’t provide your own apartment in the world’s most exiting cities… or something like that.

2. Du bist ein berliner and have forgotten your phone to connect with your business partners in China for the Very Important Meeting this morning. Instead you just invite your business associates to your own, virtual apartment. Plus: You’ve just the right kind of beer to serve when the meeting’s over…

3. You’ve always wanted to go to Singapore. So instead of saving up money for the Trip of Your Life – you go visit Virtual Singapore and get your dose of traveling – even without polluting the world with more Co2…

One have to ponder: What DOES Twinity provide which is not already a feature at Google, Facebook or Microsoft?

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