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Ipad -The new kid on the block

So I just bought an Ipad.

That in itself should not be a statement to raise an eyebrow. Except perhaps when you take into acount that I live in Denmark, where this newest of Apple babies has not yet been launched.
That means that getting your hands on one is a process that requires fiddling with Ebay or throwing stupid amounts of money at people that have imported them from the US.

I chose the lazy option, paying around 1300$ for a 32gb wi-fi model.
A steep premium from the original US retail price.

What makes people like me pay these extreme prices or spend hours on the net hunting auctions and worrying about customs?

I am in no way an Apple fan boy. Until two weeks ago I had never owned a single Apple product, yet something about the Ipad just instantly appealed to me.
My infatuation probably started back with the release of the 3g Iphone. A simple and elegant looking product with an interface that seemed very futuristic. Ever since I saw an Iphone I have been wanting to get one, yet for some reason this desire has not been strong enough to actual make me buy one.
It was still just a phone and the extra bells and whistles seemed somewhat wasted in such a small device that I would never really use when at home.

The Ipad offers all these extra bells and whistles but on a device large enough to be used as a primary screen in your home.
I already have a netbook that serves as our “living room computer” used for quixkly looking up things on the web or making that Facebook upqdate.
But the netbook is still a computer with all the drawbacks that brings with boot up time, shortish battery life anf getting quite warm after a little while.
The ipad is the solution to these problems for me. It is simply a cut down laptop with all the essential parts in there (except maybe Flash) wrapped in an incredibly user friendly package.
The brilliance of the Ipad is not a 10 meter long feature list.
It is not great despite all the things it lacks but because of the things it lacks.
Giving you just what you need in a minimalistic and sleek wrapping is what I think is a concept that only Apple has grasped in the computer industry.

Also you can play Plants vs zombies on it… Which is just good fun.

Will my newfound Ipad love last or is this just a spring crush?
Ipad or Ifad, I’m living in the Star Trek world of tomorrow with my little tablet and that’s enough for me

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This entry was posted on 8. May 2010 by in Technology.


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