Princess Pointless

– Because you know the world has no point…Really

Guten tag, ich heisse Hansi – und ich habe ein sehr schlecht ‘hairday’ !!

For some time now, I’ve been having the most peculiar feeling that the English language as we know it, is about to step aside and allow other languages take a small bite of the popularity cake. I cannot explain exactly why – I guess my brain puts together bits of ‘useless’ information and sort of mold it into a broader theory of society.

For example: Some weeks ago, a newsflash in tv reported that the Austrian ‘King of schlagers’, Hansi Hintersehr, was making elder people all over Europe go crazy. Being stuck in the middle of the 80’es with a german poodle frizz and a too-much-self-tan-dude skin colour he makes women from 50-? go crazy.

Another example:
In some companies today it’s not enough if you can only speak English. The mindset seems to be something like ‘Everyone can speak a decent English these days… What other languages are you fluent in? And these days a lot of people comes up short with an answer because …they are not fluent in a awful lot of other languages. Thanks to the globalization and wide spread internet use, English has been genuinely adopted in the Danish society. Add to this that many a youngster skip the german language classes in schools you end up with a generation who’s knowledge of the language of one of the most important trading partners for Denmark equals zero…-ish.

Of course you will always be able to get along in the business world if you know a bit of English. But if you want to impress your boss AND your business associates… Well, maybe you might want to pay attention to this: Yes, the german language is a bit stiff and leaves you with the feeling that you are spitting out squares which is not very nice. But if you look a bit closer than the cheap points a waiter in Greece or Italy scores by greeting you in your own language – you will probably agree that it’s very nice to meet  another person who is actually trying to make a good impression. It might be a cheap trick – but hey, it works. Because you can’t say that they don’t make an effort – and that is all it takes. Make that effort. Impress your boss. Be nice. It’ll make your mom proud – and your business associates happy 😉

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