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Good sound + low cost = unatainable?

Today I visited my local department of Denmark’s leading audio store, Hi-Fi Klubben, and came home with a neat pair of headphones from Sennheiser – suprisingly cheap concerning the very nice display of sounds they offer. Not to mention the excellent customer service before bying them. The Hi-Fi staff surely knows how to stand out from the crowd! 😀

If you are dying to spend a few grands on great sound – and I mean REALLY GREAT sound – this is the place you surely don’t want to miss . Apart from the B&O Stores you will not find any other retailer in the Danish gadget-business where they know quite as much about hi-fi, tv’s and tv-related gadgets. This is the only place – so far – where you can buy the neat Sonos soundsystem, DALI, NAD, B&W and Denon brands. But great sound does not come cheap: Be prepared to place a very large amount of your hard earned money on the desk when you leave the store. But hey – let me congrats you on your new speakers. You’ve probably spent half the day in the store, listening to several speaker systems just to find the RIGHT model which fits both your mood, your living room – and your wallet 😉

Today I was just curiously strolling around the shop, admiring the B&W Zeppelin and Scandyna Jubilee speakers, when I saw the headphone shelf. Let me point out:  B&W has just launched an awesomesauce pair of headphones with stunning features – but the pricetag will probably reduce you to a weeping dog. These thingies is for seriously audiophile people. Well, almost, ’cause you could also buy Grado GS1000, but I don’t think you want to ruin your bank account, so let’s just leave it for now.

Among all the high-end headphones from Bose, Denon and B&W, I met these small pairs of headphones, Sennheiser PX100. I tried their big sister, PX200, and she wasnt nearly as good. Having had the privilege to wear Jabra Bizz 2400 for both Skyping and music, I was rather dissapointed with the cheap leather details on PX200. Not to mention the lousy sound compared to PX100. Now Sennheiser is probably a high end brand on the consumer market for headphones. But ofc – with Grado, AKG and Beyerdynamic on the market too, one would certainly question whether Sennheiser is such a high profile quality brand. But today I can confirm that – sometimes – they actually know what they are doing. Compared to the Sennheiser HD205 with closed earcups the sound in PX100 is both more clearsounding and has just as much “umph” factor. Impressive in such a small gadget, which is even foldable and has its own cassette for when not in use. I’ve been wearing this little device for almost two hours now and the very light design sure does wonders for a smallish girl skull. Very nice if you like me enjoy extensive music sessions and gaming.

Thumbs up, Sennheiser!

4 out of 5 stars 😀

4 comments on “Good sound + low cost = unatainable?

  1. Rowland Jones
    29. October 2010

    Ever tried Sennheiser HD 280? I have a couple of pairs in the studio for monitoring. Cheap and to my ears, at least, pretty good.

    • princesspointless
      31. October 2010

      Hi Row,

      No, I havent. Although I have a pair of HD 205 at home. Though the sound is very nice (fancy “umph-effects ;-)) – I find that the earcups are too heavy on my skull and having very small ears they hurt only a short time after I’ve put them on. Thats why I am so fond of the Sennheiser PX100 – they are light, affordable, transportable (without filling up the space in the bag :P) and most important: they offer excellent sound. Best regards, Princess Pointless 🙂

    • princesspointless
      31. October 2010

      …although I must admit that the 280 looks very soft to the ears, so they might be worth trying out in the future 😉

      • Rowland Jones
        31. October 2010

        They are very soft: I use them in the studio for hours at a time!

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