Princess Pointless

– Because you know the world has no point…Really

The Baseballs – total homerun!

I was surprised to learn that the top dollar all-american-looking-and-singing  HOT pop trio on YouTube actually is… German. The hugely succesfully boy band has more than 8,000 subscribers on YouTube and almost 1500 friends.

You thought the polka dot days were finally over? Well, you thought wrong. Singing and dancing like a trueblood re-born Elvis is the new black. Goodbye financial crisis, goodbye anorectic-looking-skinny-jeans-wearing-sulking-teen-pop idols and HELLO kate-perry-polka-dot-skirt-wearing-style friend! After two years with financial crisis, millionaire bankruptcy and general mistrust and recession this subgenre way of life is offering the depressed souls of the world a joyful solace from all the bad news. We WANT to live again – but the global economy won’t let us. Well, Rockabilly to the rescue!

So… grab a can of DAX wax, put on a polka dot or two and turn up the volume of the newest addition to your music collection… the Jime. Just remember to have fun, enjoy life and put your worries aside. You look absolutely ravishing in red m’dear 😉

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