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The new Kindle on the blog…


I’ve got it.

My new e-book reader. The new Kindle on the block.

And yes, thank you, it’s very nice. Very very VERY nice. Actually I succeeded in spending all the battery in just one single week because I was so damn happy about my new device that I couldn’t stop reading. According to Amazon the battery should last up to one month. I’ve had my Kindle for about a month – and already it has been in the charger four times or more.


Since I bought this funny little device, Amazon’s EBIT-balance has had one hell of a party on my account. ‘Cause I’ve had some mighty fine time with this device – much to my credit card’s regret. Or my bank advisor’s regret. Choose one yourself 😉

In other words: Don’t buy this gadget if you don’t intent to use it.

Oh no. That came out wrong. I mean… Don’t spend money on this device unless you love to r… No, that was not what I was going to say. The point is though – it’s true. If you like to read – you should definetely buy this thing. You won’t get a better bargain for quite some time – that is if you don’t like to read your books on the ever popular iPad. I was offered the opportunity to buy my BF’s (used) iPad. But since the iPad just reminds me of (yet another) computer, I was not tempted at all. Spending 8 hours before a computer screen at work is quite enough, especially if you add the hours in front of the computer at home playing WoW or just blogging or surfing or… whatever.

Let’s throw in some basic facts:

kindle in coverThe Kindle is only for Amazon’s customers – since it’s hooked up with your normal Amazon account. That is part of the reason why things are working so smooth on the Kindle: Amazon wants your money! So ofc – they make it easy peasy japaneseay to download and store books. You don’t even see the money running away from your bank deposit… You just click on “Buy” – and wham bam thank you mam! – the book or magazine is yours. The (small) Kindle comes with a 6″ screen (which is 1 inch bigger than the Sony E-reader and other) and you can buy the coolest leather cover EVER for it (ofc in 8 different colours) with built-in LED lamp which is quite cool whenever the light has gone missing. This little feature does not comes cheap – but its worth every one of the 59 dollar the price tag fleece your back. And doing it the Amazon way you are sure to get it within 3 or 4 working days. Nice treat 😉

The Kindle also comes with free wi-fi and 3G network built-in (the 189 dollar model does that is) – so there’s no fussy business putting in SIM-cards or whatever as in the iPad 3G version. Amazon has paid one hell of a lump in every country worth mentioning to give its customers free acces to the internet on the go – all you gotta do is… nothing. Neat business. All in all the “we-take-care-of-you-so-you-don’t-have-to-do-anything”-attitude quite simply is what you would expect from the evergrowing Amazon.

KindleThere are already millions of tips, covers, skins and tools on the market to help Kindlers, but to be honest I haven’t used any of them – yet. Maybe in the future. Maybe never. One can never know.

I could continue on with several specs and tests and everything else you can read on Amazon’s webpage… instead I will let you discover it for yourselves. This post is for expressing my exitement about the best gadget I’ve ever invested in.

It’s not a computer.

It’s not a book.

It simply is – a Kindle.

6 comments on “The new Kindle on the blog…

  1. Erin Cosgrove
    13. April 2011

    I bought this the day after it came out, and I’ve been using it for the last few days. I have to say, I’m generally not an early adopter of technology, but this really hit a chord with me. I had looked at the Sony reader several times, and liked the product, but didn’t think there was enough content available. I travel frequently and read a lot, so this product really appealed to me.

    Here’s what I like:
    – Very easy to read books. The screen is well designed, and the eInk looks great. I could read easily in low light with no eye strain.

    – Downloading new content is simple. It works exactly as advertised – the Kindle came pre-linked to my Amazon account, I went to the “Shop” page on my Kindle, found the content, and it downloaded in less than a minute. I had pre-ordered a few books from the Amazon website, and they were available as soon as I turned the device on.

    – It’s small enough and light enough to throw in a laptop bag and not notice.

    – Good selection of content at reasonable prices. You can certainly do better on some items in hard-copy if you’re willing to shop around, but the prices on new content are generally a bit lower than I’d pay at a new bookstore, and the convenience makes it worth it for me.

    – The reading software is well designed. It automatically remembers your spot in the book, you can change the font size, and bookmark pages. It works particularly well if you’re like me and read multiple books at the same time. It was very easy to switch back and forth without losing my place.

    Here’s what I’m not crazy about:

    – The hardware design still seems a little rough around the edges. For example, it comes with a case, but once you put the Kindle in the case, it’s difficult to use the left button to move to the next page (there are two next page buttons – one for each hand).

    – The interface is not completely intuitive. It’s fine once you get used to it, but plan to spend a little bit of time learning how to use the wheel.

    – I personally found the magazine/newspaper content difficult to read in this format. I think I’ll stick with my online subscriptions for now.

    – The black flash when you turn the page is annoying, although I quickly got used to it. Apparently it’s inherent to the eInk technology.

    – The music management software is very rudimentary. This is not a big deal to me, since I bought the Kindle for reading, but I won’t be giving up my iPod for this.

    – I’m hoping/assuming that additional content will become available over time. I have a lot of books I’ll re-read periodically (the oldies but goodies) and several of them weren’t available.

    Bottom Line:
    Overall, this is a device that works well for reading books. If you’re looking to replace a laptop, iPod, etc., this is probably not the device for you. If you’re a heavy reader, want access to lots of content, and are comfortable with the price and trade-offs, this is a solid device. I’m happy with my purchase, and will get a lot of use out of the Kindle.

  2. princesspointless
    16. April 2011

    Dear Erin.
    Thank you so much for your great comment! (and a very informative one too that is :-)) I’m sorry I only saw this comment now – appearently I am a sloppish blogger!
    I have to agree totally with you – this device is especially nice for those reading a lot of books – actually does little else (like me for example, he he..)
    My primary love for the Kindle is based in the fact that you can actually store about 3,000 books in that little square plate-size. I mean – how cool is that?! And since I have limited space in my home and my shelf is bulging out like crazy with books – I’m def. in for a Kindle 😉

  3. Benjamin Solheim
    12. May 2011

    Also you can buy books from sites like Baen’s Webscriptions (if you like scif-fi and mystery) and download them from your computer to your kindle. If I remember correctly it will display mobi, PRC, EPUB and html files.

  4. Cindy James
    12. May 2011

    I’ve had my Kindle since Christmas, I adore it. It’s more than paid for itself for me, I have always wanted to read some of the classics I missed, but could never afford the stores’ prices. With Kindle you can get the majority of them free or under $1! I have reading material for the rest of the year!
    Of course, I can’t resist buying my favorite current authors.
    ❤ ❤ ❤ my kindle

  5. princesspointless
    13. May 2011

    @Benjamin: True – but as far as I recall you have to convert the files to mobi-format. The problem with pdf can be, if they are stored in e.g. A4 or A3 format (danish formats for paper sizes), and the Kindle-file is stored in another format or size if you follow me. Therefore, as I recall, the best is to convert them to the mobi-format 🙂 I might be wrong, but then again – I havent tried the downloading-documents-thingy. Too many books to read right now *lol*

  6. princesspointless
    13. May 2011

    @Cindy: Oh, that’s one of the great things about Kindle for sure! 🙂
    In my own case I’m so fascinated about the fact that I don’t have to sit in my little country (Denmark) and wait for the book I’ve purchased to be delivered – 2 weeks later! 😛 Now it’s there – within 3 secs! 😀

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