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Driver’s hell!

You know the feeling – you’ve just discovered an old digital camera in your closet – and to your delight, you find the forgotten pics from that long lost holiday where everything was just perfect. Later you couldn’t find the camera and thought the pics from the holiday were lost – but now you’ve found them! Oh the delight! 😀

But – and unfortunately there is a big BUT here (no BUTTs here though ;-)) when you plug in the camera in your computer, using the standard USB cable or whatever – the damn thing won’t work! No pictures are coming up on the screen, if your computer is even ABLE to locate the stupid camera on the list at all!

That kind of thing happened to me – twice – this week. This weekend I wanted to do a scan of some important papers on my (ok, admitted, rather old) Lexmark printer. The printer is not plugged in every day, I use it only for small tasks like that – once in a while. I mean – the amount of “Very Important Papers” in one’s life should be a bit limited right?

I can’t even remember how long since I last had it plugged in when I needed those papers to be scanned. And – just so you know it was my graduate exam papers. Pretty important stuff, eh? I plugged in the cable from the printer, waited a few seconds and started the printer’s software to scan. But – alas – the *beeeep* thing didn’t do a single thing! Everything was correctly set on the printer, every button on “Scan” rather than “Print” and so forth.

Nothing happened. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Nieto.
I was starting to get into a hysterical fit, cause not only did I NEED those fr… papers, I was about to forward them along with my application to a job. A very important job in one of the biggest banks in Denmark. The printer decided to commit suicide just there because… of what?
– Because either the printer had not been able to download the required application data for working with Windows Vista’s latest updates OR the damned thing was just too old. We tried downloading the latest driver (132 mb thank you very much Lexmark), throw in some magic touches in Window’s control panel and every-single-kind-of-thing both of us could think of. I mean – neither me or BF have problems with computers – but in this case we simply had to give up.
Need I say it was… infuriating?!

The next day I took my exam papers to my work to have them scanned there. Thank god for great workplaces!

…And that is really the point in this post: WHY does this sh… happen? Why do you HAVE to buy new stuff the whole time to secure the things can even get into a dialouge? What is it with that stupid format war??? How come it is so tough for the developers to make simple, easy products with simple interfaces and communication languages? And why – oh why – does Microsoft think it should just screw with all the bluidy drivers all the frea… time?

Sometimes you know… I’m not fond of it but… sometimes I can really understand the owners of MAC computers. I’m not very proud of it – but … I can really  understand them. Cut the crap Microsoft/Lexmark/HP/Olympus/whatever – and make it work! This *beep* is NOT getting you any more customers!!!

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