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If Christopher Columbus was a gamer…

…He would probably be a very happy man.

Vast lands just waiting to be discovered, people to interact with – or rip of riches – pick one yourself ūüėČ

What I’m talking about is the new video game MMO world called RIFT – an impressive multi layer world with lots of callbacks to a-certain-something-we-all-know more or less. Or even if we don’t know it – we know someone who’s playing it. WoW. World of Warcraft. Make love not warcraft and all that jazz.

RIFT is taking some of the great parts of¬†WoW – the mapping, the quest building and the two factions fightning each other (just to mention a few)¬†– and put it all into an oldschool – but new! – kind of setting from the EQII/LoTR/Warhammer days.¬†A LOT has already been said about RIFT, about its playstyles, talent trees or something else from the very very immersive game.¬†If you’re dying to know whatta f*** this game is about,¬†you should¬†watch this video – these guys have a great grasp¬†of how to¬†make a game review fun AND¬†entertaining.

It’s obvious that RIFT is trying to catch some of the more hardcore players from WoW.

If you’ve been playing WoW for the past 5 years like me, you would agree that the game content and the world has been hugely improved. But – with more polishing and easy acces, you invite more people. Obviously that’s OK with Blizzard Entertainment – but I’m pretty sure that other¬†and more hardcore players such as myself are getting pretty darn tired of little kids trying to play gods – and, when fails, go whining or sulking. The degree of bad behaviour in WoW has been increasing more and more these past two or three years, so obviously the more mature players have been looking for something else to occupy their minds.

Many¬†“old players”¬†are right now buzzing about this new MMO. Because of the sceneplay and cinematography is rather “oldschool looking” older players will probably find themselves thinking oh, this reminds me of EQII without the annoying parts – cause that’s what Blizzard did: They took EQII and made the annoying-as-hell bits go away in a cloud of smoke. Poof!

Now we’re getting to the point, where I throw in the whole point of this blog post. Why are gamers so obsessed with new content? New games? Why do they throw away 100 Danish bucks every month to sit in front of the computer screen doing … yeah, that’s the question: What ARE they doing actually?

They’re acting like Christopher Columbus. That’s what they’re doing. The discovery of new¬†¬†content (land),¬†foreign people (players) and new ways of living (The look-like-EQII-but-with-a-new-touch-and-without-the-annoying-parts bit). Who does NOT want to be Christopher Columbus¬†even on a ship with no women, veggies or water? These days – if not women – then at least the food comes in plenty, so no fuss at all. And as with all new communities people are being NICE to eachother. Well, mostly. If you’re not meeting the annoying people who’ve decided to¬†try out the new hotspot on the MMO-market.


One comment on “If Christopher Columbus was a gamer…

  1. NeverDeath
    13. May 2011

    Lols. To even insinuate that any of the things you mentioned in claiming that RIFT was taking from WoW, even originated in WoW is ridiculous in itself. WoW’s had so few innovations it’s actually disgusting to me that they continue to make so much money, but times, they are a changin’ and their subscription base is on the decline now that people have had two lackluster expansions to help solidify what we all already suspected: WoW is never going to return to its glorious roots, so you might as well pack up now if you want something more challenging than Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

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