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Why you should make Facebook your new webpage

The World Wide Web is dead.

– That’s what developers of mobile content claim.

But that’s far from the truth if you ask me.

Still, they might have a point. ‘Cause in not so many years the internet – at least as we know it – might change completely. The social web is still a kind of new experience for several people, mostly elderly people. I mean, how often do you stumple upon your granny completely immersed in the screen, typing like a machine gun and chatting away on Facebook or Twitter? If you’ve experienced that kind of behavior from your relatives, I’d say you’re one in a million. Or at least one in a few hundred…

A lot of socalled ‘experts’ claim that in five years, the webpage is dead. Dead as a dodo and forever excluded from the new century. At that time most of the surfing will be on social webpages as Facebook, Twitter and God know whichever else online community/world. Google is launching their own computer with Google as the startup-screen. No Windows, no iOS. Just… Google it.

Sure, there might be a boom in the number of e.g. African or South American webpages, as things happens to go their natural course in the global economy – but generally speaking, most of us will have moved on to other pastures and marketing hunting areas…

With an insane amount of users on Facebook, where will customers go?

For my part, I go directly to Facebook and skip the company webpage. Why? Because I simply can’t care about the all-too-fancy ever-increasing company webpage/PR channel. *gag* From a professional point of view I watch these patterns taking place even if most people are not aware of it. But as a customer I reason like this: I don’t want to write and e-mail, ’cause I want my answer TODAY – not in a couple of days. Uh-uh. E-mail? So OO’es…

If you’re not on Facebook then forget it. If it’s too complicated to get in touch with you, well, boo hoo for you. Make the effort worth my time, answer my questions, solve my problems in a satisfactory way – and do it quick. As a reward you have gained a most loyal member of your brand community. Make me proud of my brand with great service, great response times – and do it conveniently on Facebook. Then I will share my “Likes” with MY community – and I have several friends… and several friends’ friends…

Personally, I happen to “Like” a certain candy page on Facebook. When I post something on the wall or pop a question – the reply is written by the owner himself or at least one of his co-funders. I like! This company acts in a loyal and community building way, and do not see Facebook as “just another service/marketing channel”. Nope, this company actually thinks that the fans are some of the most important people on the net (which – I must say – we probably are). He even asked for our help in putting our vote on his girlfriend’s shop in an online competition and thereby get a chance to win eatable prizes. Yum! (I might have gotten the last sentence a bit wrong, but please forgive my shabby English grammar ;-))
Call it trickery, cunning marketing techniques or whatever – I like it. Therefore I am his loyal ambassador and will continue to be so because he brings me relevant content with a personal touch. What’s not to “LIKE” in that? 😉

There’s only one thing bugging me: Right now I’m taking a course in HTML, webdesign and CSS… *LOL*

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