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Facebook part 2

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms of today. I told you that already in my 1st post about the ever popular media channel.


Well, let me tell you a story…

A couple of weeks ago, I happened to dive into my mailbox which is synchronized with several different mailboxes and adresses from different servers – amongst them is the mail adress for my other blog in Danish.

My blog’s inbox is rarely used and it’s not often I need to pay attention to it. But this particularly day I recieved a mail from the candy producer mentioned in the other blogpost about Facebook . Naturally I was curious and opened the mail. The candy company asked me if I was interested in participating as a food blogger on a special Facebook/retailer event the 12th of august 2011.

First I thought “Why do they ask me?” and more important – How did they find me and how did they pick me? Untill I recalled my loyal linking on their Facebook page every time I made something using their liquorice products. That way they already knew me, my blog and I.

By using bloggers as “food entertainers” at the event, the company saves time AND money. The bloggers (including me) will be there as volunteers cooking and even if we’re not professional chefs, we are passionate about food. And that is what count most. Passion can lead you anywhere – into heaven even.
Why are we doing it without getting paid? Because it simply is immensely satisfying from a professional point of view to be noticed amongst all the food bloggers on the net and being chosen by this immensely cool candy company to be there – and show off your skillz in the kitchen 😉


The lesson:
What Johan Bülow Liquorice company do, is simply to use the social media – aka Facebook – as their research channel. That Facebook page, my dears, are a continuous focus group with free marketing and product developement ideas. They even invite their Facebook fans to the factory once in a while to help them create new varieties of their candy. Now THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is a VERY VERY smart way to engage your users – in a straightforward, honest and sexy way, using the media in all the best ways.

And me… Well, what do you think I’m doing these days? Yup. Testing. Creating food. Combining tastes. Mixing liquorice with all types of food.

Did you know that liquorice is absolutely adorable combined with peaches? And did you know you can add raw liquorice powder to rhubarbs and experience something truly wonderful and sensational when you eat it? No?

Well, you should try it. Just once. 😉

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