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WoW Mists of Pandaria – and the trouble about growing older…

The other day I recieved a BETA test key to World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria – the all brand new expansion pack designed to get old players up into gear and new ones to cheer and pop a beer… or is it bear?!

Well, as usual Blizzard has made the whole beta look like an almost finished game, ready to go out and concour new as well as old players’ attention. The gameplay runs (relatively) smoothly – if you look away from all the other monk-ish pandas running up and ruining your quest experience – and the vast lands of Asian-Pandarian-Kung-Fu-Panda environment is beautifully done. Very clean without a lot of excess programming waste/3D-coding garbage lying around to spoil your gameplay. Also, there’s a whole new species (hey, PANDArian anyone?!) on a completely new continent. (Boats! I need boats!)

But after all the fun and games have run dry… well, it’s still just WoW.

You will still have to grab this or that amount of dried grasshoppers/spunk leftovers or whatever else and turn them in to get a new ability/money/experience. You will still stand in the queee waiting for all the other morons to get the *bleeep* away so you can complete a quest. And last – but not least – you are still playing WoW.

Not that anything is wrong with that, absolutely not.

Not so long ago I could have made buckets if I had been paid for playing WoW. I put more hours in that game than I did in job hunting – even though I was home alone, doing nothing else than looking for a boss who’d be willing to hire me and my not-so-impressive amount of experience. Therefore WoW offered something very valuable: The opportunity to earn money, make progress and most important: Being praised by digital quest givers. A little money, a little ego boosting. Check. And through it all, the world I ruled were by far much prettier than the one I lived in. (Or my apartment that is).

As the job hunting turned serious, I had to leave WoW for a while. And after 4 years of playing, I realized I didn’t actually miss it. Well, yes, sometimes you just need to punch something – and because this object can’t be your boyfriend, you’re stuck with a green orc. That’s ok with me. But paying aprox 100 Danish bucks each month just for the possibility that I would maybe-could-happen-once-in-a-while need to slay an orc or two – well, that’s just a waste of money, if you ask me.

Therefore I know I will not be in the quee to download Mists of Pandarian, when the game is released for real. Neither will I visit the Download Shop for Diablo 3, even though I’m curious about the game and the play.
You see… I am growing up. Growing older. Whichever way you want to put it. The job hunting has paid off and I am starting out on that strange path called “a career”.

A career and a job is not something alike. A career pays your bills, yes – but it’s not just a job. It’s a hobby. Or it should be. If you’re putting 16 work hours in a position you do not want, well, I suggest you take my advice and quit. It’s not worth working a crackload of hours it if you don’t like what you do. There. I said it. Here’s the gun. Shoot me. – But why do you think it took me almost 3½ year searching for the right job? Trying and failing? Because I wasn’t comitted to the jobs I found. We Danes are spoiled in that regard – we crave immensely satisfying careers and work a lot of hours to develop a very bad conscience when it comes to the rest of our life, friends and children. But since I don’t have children, I guess I shall survive. When it comes to my friends… well, there’s Facebook and mail, right?! 😉

In my office, the gamer PC just stands there. Nobody has had time for it in quite some time. And even though I’m sure I will miss playing WoW – I will also not have to feel the pressure of playing, while my money is stacking up in piles in Blizzard’s big bank account.

Well, I can live without those green orcs… smashing lightbulbs are just as satisfying … I guess 😉

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