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Game of Thrones – an epic masterpiece or fantasy tv galore?

HBO is one of my favourite TV series producers. Sex & The City, True Blood, The Pacific – on and on the list continues with one cash cow after another.

And now Game of Thrones.

HBO sure doesn’t miss out on the opportunity of combining a great story with great acting, great attention to details – and a very costly production. George R.R. Martin has just secured himself a big, fat bad-ass retirement check from the HBO  Department of Wonders.

It’s only a couple of weeks ago the full season 1 was launched on DVD in Denmark. I’ve already devoured the first 9 episodes and can’t wait until the next season is released and hits the shelf. Right now I am wishing that I could move to the U.S. – with all the advantages of TiVo, Netflix and so on (I could drone on and on – the list is just so very long) –  things would just fit perfectly into that mold that “they usually get the latest this or that” overthere.

I have also been wondering about Game of Thrones. I mean, everyone is just so exited about this series. Well, in Denmark we are, since Nicolai Coster Waldau is actually Danish and plays quite a central role in the whole plot as Jamie Lannister. Hopefully you DO know now, that in Denmark we have tall, blond vikings with blond hair and blue eyes – and pretty beautiful girls too. (No, modesty was never my force – sorry). Hey – Helena Christensen, anyone?
Ok, ok, let’s get to the main point of this post, even if it had a long time coming: The funny part of this fantasy seiries is that it has somehow become respected. It might have started with The Lord of The Rings trilogy which took the Danish cinema guests with their pants down – or it could be from small groups of role playing orcs and elves which stumples around in the Danish woods. I don’t know – but what I know is, that just a few years ago, there was no such thing as fantasy being highly respected – and certainly not in TV!

But now? Game of Thrones? Vampires and paranormal stuff? Bring it on!
The Lord of The Rings has been shown on TV more times than I can count – and for the past years, roleplaing (in the woods or with small, painted men) has become a much more accepted and respected hobby and not something to be mocked by giggling girls. Well, these girls will probably spin around and shower you in ice crystals (or salt *cough*) while all kinds of weird words will sprout from their mouths.
Something tells me that fantasy is FINALLY getting the R.E.S.P.E.C.T which is deserves. A lot of great authors, who in Denmark have lived a very quiet life, is now coming to life – coming into bloom – and flashing a fantasy book in the bus or on the train is no longer a strange incurrance.

Fantasy as a genre has taken over where the (Swedish, feministic) crime story left. We want to sink down into another world, let the worries of the modern world disappear and forget about all the depressing news stories at which the global media bureaus excel these years. No wonder that Game of Thrones, Tolkien and countless other series are having their 15 minutes of fame right now – or maybe 30.

I suspect this will continue for quite some time. Because fantasy is exactly that – fantasy. It’s a place where we can live our wildest dreams, become emporer of a whole shitload of countries like the little crazy motherf***er Joffrey does – or we can become a knight of first order, with honor and win the princess’ – eh, queen’s loyalty (*cough* *cough*…)

One thing is for sure – I’m not done with Game of Thrones, and neither is the rest of my buddies. I even spend some of my spare time painting small boats and men and playing a very complicated strategy. Well, that is – when I’m finished painting the damned boats ofc… That is just as fun as playing the whole game.. 😛

2 comments on “Game of Thrones – an epic masterpiece or fantasy tv galore?

  1. livsmod
    6. April 2012

    GoT er helt fantastisk!! Jeg på mystisk vis fandt jeg ud af at se dem via nettet for en tid siden, jeg glæder mig til at se dem i HD på tv3 eller hvis jeg splasher til blue-ray versionen.

    Om den viser sig at være episk på linje med LotR, tvivler jeg på… Der er jo kun én. Men det er sg et tæt løb, for den er så velproduceret og dialogen er fremragende og dragende. Man vil vide mere… og nu ved jeg hvordan første sæson ender 😉

  2. princesspointless
    7. April 2012

    Jep, og serien er intet mindre en fænomenalt god. Nicolai spiller den forkælede, hjerteløse aristokrat til fingerspidserne – der er virkelig mange gode præstationer i 🙂

    Nej, den er ikke episk i samme grad som LoTR – men det er der vist meget få der er – hvis overhovedet nogen. Men der er nogle fede karakterer med, som spiller RIGTIG godt – med masser af hjertevarme og humor !

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