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8 companies that shouldn’t be on Pinterest

Yeah, so the Pinterest is the new golden social-media-wonderkid and these days it’s being followed by the world’s gang of marketers – all with strands of drool dangling from their mouths. All is how it should be. Any of those fellas will claim that Pinterest is The Next Big Thing and another social platform you should be at and strive to suck the money out of you for handling another social account of you or your company.

There’s a lot of great marketing potential on Pinterest of course. I’m not blind.
Well, I use contact lenses, but those doesn’t count, because I can still SEE! 😉
And I see a bright and funny and big future for Pinterest.
But just because Pinterest is offering some hot, new features, doesn’t mean that all of this world’s companies/brands/persons/whatevs should do the Pinteresting!

Think for example:

1. The cellar of your local library
Hm – unless one would want to bore people to death with old versions of encyclopedias and so on. (Those can actually be quite funny – not that I would know…)

2. Your ISP provider
How exiting can old copper wires and cables really be? Next!

3. Kleenex
Toiletpaper and tissue are just not sexy – especially not used!

4. Microsoft
Again – computers are fun to use, but no fun on pics. You’ll be working hard for those followers. HARD I tell you!!!

5. Nike – or other manufactors with shitty working conditions for employees in the developing countries of the world.
Well, we all agree that it’s bad, bad, bad CSR business. But still we buy those cheap sneakers. It doesn’t mean that we want to be confronted with the ugly truth though. Do yourself and your company a favor and stay away from Pinterest…

6. Companies that fix your drainage and maintain the public sewers.
Well, no need for explanation really. I’m not interested in seeing *beeep*filled tunnels, filled with stuff I rather wouldn’t like to recognize… Ugh

7. The ambulance service
I don’t think it’s even permitted to put up pics of injured or seriously hurt people on Pinterest. Therefore: Don’t do it! Besides – I faint when I see blood…

8. kind of stuff
For the obvious reasons. There are sites for those kind of things – they’re called adult webshops! 😉

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