Princess Pointless

– Because you know the world has no point…Really

The future is here Now.

That’s what Google proclaims though.

Their new, nifty we’ll-handle-everything-in-your-digital-life-for-you application “Google Now” is already getting some pretty decent reviews.
Its clear that Google have given this app some serious thought, since the information is not pulled – its pushed. Automatically. When you need it. And even better if you’re standing in a airport. Although its not very often – if at all – I need the flight schedule today.

I have an iPhone, and I never spend time with Siri – though she actuallytries to of some assistance in a supposedly friendly manner. But since I’m Danish, I don’t want to name my mother “Mother” in my contacts, when the Danish word for mom is “Mor”. Sorry, that just doesn’t wash. If Siri don’t know my “Mor” – well, she can go where the horned man goes – straight south.

Therefore I’m actually a bit jealous of the Android owners. Google Now is smartly crafted, even though its said it needs some adjusting. But overall Google has got the hang of it. Information when you need it. Google is nothing if not an information warehouse – and they clearly got the hang of producing beta-look-ish software to help people performing everyday tasks. The Google Now app has taken away the need to check several apps – for my bus, for the weather, for sports results/news and so on.

At the same time, Google Now is a manifestation of the notion that the digital lifestyle has become a bigger hasle than convenience. Our phones is capable of so many things – although I’m still waiting for it to bring my clothes to the cleaner. But still – there’s an app for every-bluidy-thing in this world. And more. But very few of them is capable of combining facts and useful information in ONE app. Therefore the information gets fractured and we must look it up in several steps and ditto apps. The weather forecast has one great app. The bus schedule is in another. My bank is a third. Oh wait. Scratch that. Google will NOT be getting my personal bank information. Period.

But the concept is still valid though.
And because Google is the Big Brother that knows everything and all about everyone, everyone will benefit from this app. So if you’re a programmer and think your own sample-everything-in-one-app-even-your-bank-account should be noticed, I must dissapoint you and remind you of the Google-World-Domination-Program they are running “over there”. Your own app is probably great (exept for the bank-thingy) – but everyone knows Google – and Google is already a favorite and not you.

The conclusion?
The future information landscape will increase the need for even more advanced push-based information centres – Google Now is just the beginning. I’m counting on it (come on, launch that incredible intelligent app for iPhone, damn it!!!)


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