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Egoism killed the pop band…

This evening I had an interesting conversation with my BF.
For some reason we talked about idols, pop bands and the 1990’s versus the 2000’s – and the difference between those two decades when it comes to to pop icon worshipping and general fan behavior at that time versus today.

We both agreed that these days you don’t see a lot of pop bands hitting the best selling shelf on either iTunes or Spotify. And if there really is a pop band among those, we all know, that no matter how talented group members, it will always be the lead singer who gains the most attention from the fans.

Back in my youth-youth, as a blemish-ridden-Doc Marten-boots-wearing-teenager I clearly remember names such as Backstreet Boys, N’Sync (Whom we all know fostered Justin Timberlake’s career anyway!), Destiny’s Child (hello, Beoncé), TLC, Spice Girls, Westlife, Aqua, Five, Another Level, Take That (did I hear the word “Robbie”???) and a shitload of other boy- or girl bands of more or less similar name-style. One thing almost all of them had in common was: Only one of the band members actually had some degree of talent and broke out later – only to be launched with a single career in the 2000’s after the fan oproar had died down and a new target group had grown old enough to buy their music… and if you were really lucky, you’d be a doll lining the shelf of the toy stores too! (……..)

(some of the songs have pretty bad sound quality – but we all remember them anyhow. Isn’t that right?!)

In the 1990’s the collectivism ruled in the pop industry. In the 2000’s the egoism had taken over. True – Britney and Christina Aguilera was huge pop singers in the 1900’s also – but the number of single female or male pop singers in these years seems to me as being rather limited than they are now?

These days we have Bruno Mars, Kate Perry, Beyoncé, Kayne West, Lady Ga-Ga, Justin Timberlake, Britney (well, she HAS released something these past ten years, so I guess that counts for at least something), Madonn- no, forget her, she’s been here like… forever.
But also Nicole Scherzinger, Adele, Kelly Clarkson – and on the men’s side: Usher, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber (*puke*) and Chris Brown – just to mention a few.

Of course – there will always be pop bands – but the number are pretty limited in my mind, comparing to how many I remember from my youth. (Or is it just me remembering my youth more clearly than the present?!)

Also, I think the degree to which girls (or boys for that matter) cut out pictures in the magazines and put them on the walls of their rooms have faded pretty darn much, compared to like… 10 or 15 years ago. These days everyone is on YouTube and the iPhone-effect on Generation Youth have brought people together faster than Jason Biggs put an apple pie in front of his privates in 1999.
Oh my gosh! I really MUST be old… cause that’s how far away MY youth is. *a lot of swearing words* *throwing things at the wall*

Ahem. Well, nevermind. Am I right? Or am I wrong? Did egoism kill the 90’s pop band?!

…and what was yours favorite pop band of the 90’s? 😉


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