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Sex is evil! Brutal violence? Bring it on!

Sometimes one has to wonder how the human race can go on.

Look closely on the snippet from this Danish media news site. The main story is about a gallary where 5 people will be having sex as a part of an exhibition. The owner has not been able to pay the former artists coming to his studio, so what do a desperat man do?

Well, he knows that “sex sells” – so he creates an exhibition where people are painting naked people (as in an artclass) – and downunder 2 couples and a single is having sex.
Controversial one could say. But look at the picture in the bottom right of the pic then. If you’re English, I can tell you that the headline says something like: “Get a close view on the violent fights in Syria”.

There is so much violence in this world. So much pain, so many people not treated the way they were supposed to be treated. At the same time the main stream segment in Denmark thinks it is very controversial to have 5 people “making out” in a small studio in Jutland, Denmark?

Excuse me?

Now tell me – what is the worst thing: People celebrating life – or people taking lives?

Somehow violence in the media is broadly accepted as a thing we can’t avoid.
But two people doing something – *gasp* – naked?!!!!! NO! Absolutely NO!!!! That is just so wrong, close your eyes children! And do not dare to engage in this bad stuff untill you’re AT LEAST married!!!! Or – in Denmark – untill you’re at least 15 years old…
Oh, you’re playing Call of Duty? Well, no problem sonny boy, just remember to do your homework.

And by the way – a scenario with a hetero couple, a lesbian couple and a girl making out – in their own beds, mind you – is not REALLY controversial.

Now, if you take a pig and an old man, or a male gay couple having sex… THAT would be something to talk about!


3 comments on “Sex is evil! Brutal violence? Bring it on!

  1. overthinkingmind
    23. August 2012

    Very right! Also, if people are moaning and groaning (excuse the pun) about this exhibition could they just…urm…maybe not go?!

    • Princess Pointless
      24. August 2012

      Yes! Exactly my point! I think it more scary that there’s so much violence in the news and there seems to be free access to it for everyone!

      • overthinkingmind
        24. August 2012

        It is shocking how violence seems to be so much more acceptable than sex, probably just the taboo’s and attitudes of people; these need to change!

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