Princess Pointless

– Because you know the world has no point…Really

Run, Forest, RUUUN!

Remember Jenny in the movie Forest Gump shouting for him to use those legs?

He did it. Running so fast that he grew a beard and stuff.
Running has always held a certain fascination for humans. Was it because of the Marathon? Let a man run – barefoot – 41,5 kilometers, with only two small leather scraps on his feet – to change the outcome of war. If nothing else, it certainly shows his determination to a cause. That lonely Greek was probably hungry because his lunch hour had long gone away and tired of running errands for his boss – but he did it anyway, because thousand’s of human lives depended on him. He changed history… and everything else. At least for the coming generations in the Olympics… 😉

So, running can’t be all that bad, can it?
Not if you ask the runners. “Runner’s high” is a well-known phenomenon in these circles. It’s completely whacked… Just when your body is too bloody tired and screaming at you for doing what you do – suddenly you are infused with superhuman powers and becomes serene, calm and you feel like you could do this all day. It’s like the body is your boss screaming at you to do your work, when suddenly you gain superhuman powers and just look at him and smile – and then lift that car with your little finger. So – even if those 40-ish kilometers under the burning sun was a b*tch – I bet that a lot of the trip was spent “on a high” for that Greek dude… 😉

I have gone from running just 10 minutes – until one day, I hit the magic spot and then I just ran. And ran. And ran. It was magic really, how I suddenly was able to run with no tiredness or heavy legs. It was the best aphrodisiac, 100% natural endorphines man. Endorphines are the “feel-good” hormones that is an active ingredient in the best things of life…Happiness. Love. Eating icecream. Going horizontal. And yes – sport. The harder your body works, the faster you get your “high”. The phrase “no pain, no gain!” must have something to do with those hormones… 😛

I guess the runners’ fascination with their sport is to be found in your own mental ability to “win” over our body. When the mind fights the tiredness, the muscle soreness and our breath that screams we must stop – suddenly the body gives up. Just like your boss. And then you smile and lift the car up from the ground with a finger. Or “run into” runners high (pun intended…)
If you’ve put yourself at this gunpoint one or several times, you know how this feels. You reach a state where you “just run” – like a frigging Nike ad. Actually, they should pay you money for running about with their stuff on your precious body in the city, right?

I think running is to engage in war with yourself. Being so hard on the body, it’s a war that will only be won with patience and stubbornness. Do you give up when everything screams and tells you to stop? Or do you keep going, even if your legs are hurting like a “B”? There’s a reason as to why a lot of CEO’s and managers find a well performed marathon is a bigger asset on their CV than how many year’s they’ve spent managing their company. Leaders must stand in the fire and take it all, being tough and not complain, but still keeping up with the great results. It’s no easy task. They need all the will power they have. And what is a marathon if not a battle of wills? It’s one of the toughest battles between your body and your mind. Ok, scratch that. Today *the* leading managers tends to wear themselves out by doing an Iron Man. No, not the film, stupid. The sport 😉

For me, running helps taking the edge of my mood or my thoughts. If I’m having a really bad problem – I put on my running shoes and go for a trip around the neighborhood. This works wonders for my messy brain. I am addicted to running. Not because I have a lot of problems. But because I need an outlet for my energy after looking into a screen the whole day!


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