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Money & power

Money. Power.

These two concepts is so interwoven that you can’t mention the first without also mentioning the last. Because if you have money, you have power. Period. There is no getting around it. When you have money, you have the power to buy everything within your reach. The interesting thing is though that in reality you don’t need “a lot of money” to feel rich. You don’t need a million of it – a few hundred or thousands can do the trick just fine. But it comes with a built-in trickster: The more you have, the more you want! Either power or money. Often both.

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The ability to feel powerful because you have (enough) money is something I believe lies deep within us as human beings. We are a habitual species. We thrive in groups, but within those groups there is hierarchies as well as fears. The one in the group who has the most valuable asset(s) (and that doesn’t even have to do with money at all) also holds the most powerful position in the group; while the one(s) with less power holds a fear of being excluded because of it. This could be on a purely societal level or organizational/institutional level. Or it could be in your personal relationships. R-e-l-a-t-i-o-n-s is the key here. Because without relations you cannot have power. That fact is often forgotten because individualism rules the day. But to feel power – or powerless – we need other people’s validation of our power. In the Western world, money is widely accepted as THE power tool. That’s because of materialism is the core foundation of our society. Money can buy you power, freedom and everything within. But – as the latest financial crisis have shown – the fact remains this: That great power (= money) comes with great responsibility, no matter if you’re a huge financial institutions an individual. You can yield your power for the good or for the bad. It’s really up to you. Which leads me to the next point in this blog post:

The less power you have – the more money you want.


It does sounds familiar doesn’t it?
Personal experience has taught me that this is what makes people “tick”. If you haven’t a lot of influence on your life’s situation, if you struggle with a bad job and/or low wages, if you haven’t got a job and feel “poor” compared to the people you are in a relationship with (see? Relations… again). … There are a lot of scenarios which can make us small humans feel powerless. It could also be that the relationship with your spouse and/or family makes you feel powerless, or that life circumstances have left you with a feeling of loss instead of personal enrichment.

This is an example we’ve all seen several times: A person who feels insecure about his/her own worth. What do they do? Maybe they find a job where they earn a huge amount money and gain a lot of professional power. The money earned is put into expensive stuff such as clothes, gadgets, cars, new apartments and so on. The rest is invested in stocks and shares. The funny thing is, however, that even while some people have so much money and power – some of them still feels insecure about themselves. Money can buy you power – but it can’t buy you (self)love.

Another example: A woman who has been struggling with money all of her life. It always feels like she doesn’t have “enough” money. She is alone and struggles with the bills every month. For this woman, monetary power is a far fetched theme. For her, money is a golden egg, and she always talks about how expensive everything has become, forgetting how her existing blessings is right in front of her. In this case: Money and power can create a heady drug if you feel powerless in your own life.

So. Let me ask you…

Do you feel powerless in your life? Loveless? Feeling there’s something in your life that is missing and do you feel miserable about it? Here’s my advice: Start by loving and accepting yourself. Self love can make you feel richer than the richest Arabian. Spend your money wisely – e.g. on yourself and how to cope with the challenges in life. Spend your money on learning how to be happy WITHOUT money. When you’ve mastered this the money will flow into your life as a result. Because now you know what REALLY matters. And that’s you, including the good people in your life. Studies have shown that people who spend some of their money on others are more happy than people who only spend their money on themselves. Giving is very rewarding.

There is something about the phrase “the more you give, the more you receive”. It’s true. So start giving yourself your unrequited love today 🙂


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