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5 tips to stand out in the social media crowd. Content is NOT king. Scarcity is!

Come on, guys!

What difference does it make if I have a Twitter app, a Facebook app, an Instagram app or Google Plus app? If all I get is the same content, no matter where I am online, I could delete most of the stuff just and contain it all in a single, collective app that weeded out the double-posts and content and left me with the truly unique stuff.

If I had such an app (and believe me – if it’s not already there, I’m sure it will be here soon, I just have to discover it!) I could not only save a lot of disc space on my tablet/smartphone etc. – I could also save myself the “cloud dust” from a lot of social media and online services.

I think all the “smart stuff” is just that. Smart. Smart for those who earn a living by sending out a lot of social media content throughout the day.

It’s smart that you can reach all your followers on Twitter AND Tumblr/Instagram/Snapchat/Facebook/whatever by only writing a single update and schedule all of the updates to come by automatically – but seriously? I’m growing a bit tired of it. Reading the same content no matter which app or webpage I use WILL affect my opinion of them. Sure, it’s time consuming to maintain all your social media profiles and ensure that you’re posting and updating content to your network and also work on creating immerse and social-sharing-worthy, relevant, engaging stuff… But think about it.

Do you think I want to read about the newest addition to the shop when I log on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and/or Instagram within 10 minutes of checking my phone and my favorite apps?? Because… that’s what mobile users do. We scroll through social media apps like we scroll through our Instagram newsfeed.

My message to you is: NO.

If you have some truly share-worthy content no doubt you should do your best to tell your fellow followers about it. Sometimes all it takes is a little nudge and then you’re off to a great start. Other times it needs a bit more maturing and nursing.

The social media is fantastic. It offers great opportunities – but you can do yourself a disservice by sharing the same content everywhere. We have a word for that in English. It’s called… cheap.
Do you want to cheapefize your content by doing that? Do you want people to get tired of you so fast? No? Then why do you keep doing exactly that?

So… what could you do instead?

  1. First of all you should decide which media offers the most value to you. If your life is neatly tucked in the Facebook with event planning, friends you see often and communicate with, interest groups and so on, Facebook should be where you’re at. Facebook is for the reaching out and staying in contact. Facebook can be a time manager for your social schedule and offers comfort, entertainment (yes, all those celebrities you follow – I know your little secrets ;-)) and fun. If you’re on Facebook, be true to the media and yourself by putting only your important personal stuff here. As far as I know, Facebook have a picture editing function too, so you don’t really need Instagram for that…
  2. Research/explore the buzzwords attached to the media channel. Twitter is for sharing knowledge and building knowledge networks, asking a random question and get answers from people you don’t know by #hashtagging your content. Twitter is awesome for connecting with people within your (professional) area in a more social and engaging way than LinkedIn. Twitter is for social media what hobby groups was for the world before the internet. Instagram/Pinterest is primarly for showcasing you stuff and creating a social edge to it, Pinterest is for inspiration and sharing mouth watering content. Instagram is about engaging socially while working your campaign – either professionally or personal. It’s about emotional engagement more than sharing stuff others can share with others (Pinterest). I could go on but you probably get the message. Find out where your heart feels at home – and stick to it.
  3. Do not bring your unique content to other social media channels, unless they are very much alike – Facebook and Instagram have lot of common traits for example. And still – consider it before you go all in. If you have a lot of followers/fans at Facebook then they are sure to follow you on Instagram too. But in the long run it gets boring to look at the exact same messages and content in both medias. On Twitter I often find myself missing the “LIKE”-button on content for example. Don’t fall in that trap.
  4. The best way you can diverse yourself and stand out is by posting killer content in only ONE or TWO carefully selected channels. And still, you should shape your content to match the media, and not duplicate it without further thought. If you’ve written a fabulous e-book about a hot topic or trending content or whatever – be sure to emphasize the fact that this content is ONLY in *this* media – and maybe will be send out later with a newsletter with further information on the topic. Or you can increase the interest rates by putting up a teaser about this new content you’re working at and they will soon find it at your Facebook page or blog or whatever. But only tell it to your fans on Facebook for example. I tell you the secret here is… ta-da: SCARCITY. If only those who are your fans can have this e-book and can know about it – well, then you will probably see the number of fans/followers and such rise quite a bit if it contains all the other important content rules for social media: Relevancy, greatness and value (it’s free for example). It’s really all there is to it: Scarcity. Scarcity will make others take notice and value your content more.

You don’t want that insanely expensive car only for the sake of the mechanics, now do you? A part of the pleasure is the feeling of being unique, by standing out in a positive way. Don’t lie to me or yourself – some part of you thrive on being different, as long as you’re not thrown out of the “cave”. We need the closeness to other people and to know we are alike to truly feel our own uniqueness.

You don’t need fancy strategies if your content is made with passion and comes from the heart. When you put your heart (or back) into it, people will feel your passion and your dedication. By choosing a selected few to share yourself or your content with, you will feel a stronger familiarity with the media – and they will feel a stronger connection to you, feeling special, because you know that they will not get this content from any other place. Social media is… social. Therefore: Socialize as only a human being is able to do!

Kids – you might try this at home…


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