Princess Pointless

– Because you know the world has no point…Really

Jumping off the social media show…

Curious header, I know.
I mean… what am I doing right now???

But think about it for a second. Everything is connected these days. The TV is now infused with the Internet, our refrigerator is cabled to wi-fi updating both your phone and your stock… Even your watch is now possible to sync with your phone, taking your calls. (Apple has just ensured that people will now look at their products more than 100 times each day. Brilliant.). The Internet of Things have unused possibilities, for funny stuff, for marketing stuff – and for terrorism. The first consequence of living in a “networked economy” is that we are all dependent on each other. The number of fear-induced ensurances will likely increase the next 5 years or more).

That’s why I’m stepping off this train. Or – as much as I can at least.

Say hello to the Non Sharer – also called “NS”

You see… not so long ago, I was a food blogger. Not a very famous one, but that was OK. I had my own loyal gang of followers which I enjoyed writing content for. That was before life hit me hard. Long story short, I lost my zest for food blogging in one week. I still blog, but not often. Especially not here (as you would have noticed if you follow this blog regularly).

Before, I happily shared pictures of my food, my life… everything that I took a fancy to.

But these days I find myself getting more private about me and my life. Like I want to hide from the rest of the world. Why is it nessecary to share a picture of my food? Why should I make a selfie when I’m at the beach?

Stepping off the “Crap-train”

The more crap people are sharing, the less I want to be a part of this massively connected society. I don’t want an Apple Watch, I am seriously considering closing down my yearlong blog (if it wasn’t for all the great recipes I’ve been publishing online, I def. would!) and generally taking myself “off the market”, with Facebook and LinkedIn being the exception for this, since Facebook lets me close off my profile to others’ eyes – and have my own private spot on the net (haha – who am I kidding CIA??) – and LinkedIn is non-personal.

I’m finding myself going from a big sharer to a non-sharer. I only have one question in this regard:

…Is that how it feels getting older??


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