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Lawyer, layer, layar… what?

Location Bases Services.


When the world and the media just melt together and make a new media. Or reality. Choose for yourself. But we can’t deny that recieving the right information at the right time is something so fantastic and alluring that driving your own Ferrari down the main street might be the only thing to beat that experience.

A small, neat application on your I-can-do-everything-but-deliver-your-clothes-at-the-dry-cleaner-smartphone is the only thing required for experiencing your own city in a completely different way.

On your phone.

After downloading a small little app, you just position your phone in front of – let’s say – a new restaurant. In a few seconds you will have all the information you need. Neat, huh? You’ll now know if your diabetic brother can eat the food, the pricelevel of the dishes and how old the building is. Well, the last piece of information might only be useful if you are A: a historican or B: thinking about digging a tunnel under it. Or the impossible C: You just like info-bits like that coming up.

Layar is one of the companies providing this app. The company is privately funded and that makes me wonder if we will see the marketing companies go crazy to implement marketing activities using the LBS technology. And maybe you won’t even notice it as marketing… Because we can’t deny it comes in handy to join your friends for a beer at the local bar and then jump in for a SALE at H&M a few blocks away, right? Put in your ‘top secret’ at Twitter and get a good bargain while you can…

So while we are waiting for a price reduction on the iPod, it will be interesting watching how these new mobile ‘layers’ will revolutionize the marketing world.

…Yup, can’t wait, right?

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